The Shame List Picture Show is a podcast recorded in Wisconsin and Maryland by a pair of moving-loving filmmakers and close friends. Michael Viers and Nick Richards came up with the idea for The Shame List Picture Show while discussing their respective "shame lists", or films that they felt, as cinephiles, they should have already seen but had not. And thus, the podcast was born. Tune in to listen as they talk about a wide variety of movies they feel are important for each other and listeners to check out. Catch a variety of guest speakers who weigh in on films they are also passionate about -- or even starred in!

Michael Viers is an independent filmmaker, podcaster, and editor from Milwaukee, WI. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee's prestigious film program with a BFA. He likes to brag that he used to edit videos for Troma Entertainment and is texting buddies with Lloyd Kaufman, but no one really cares. Check out his Instagram every month for a selection of four hand-picked film recommendations.

Nick Richards, first and foremost, is a husband and a father to four amaing kids. Second, he is a storyteller. He is the writer and director of the independent feature films Transcendence and Normal, as well as countless shorts and music videos. He is the author of the novel Sunshine: Surviving in a dark world of glowing mutants, giant worms, and psychotic abominations. He is the co-host and co-creator of The Shame List Picture Show podcast and the creator and producer of The Plein Air Easton Podcast. Finally, he is the co-creator of the culinary-themed card game, Made From Scratch. His 9-5 is station manager of Mid-Shore Community Television, the public access station in Talbot County, MD, where he helps the members of the community tell their stories. And last but certinly not least, he is a huge D&D nerd. Every other week he is joined by a Ranger, a Bard, a Barbarian, and a Druid to tell an epic, ongoing, collaborative story. Roll for initiative!